St James Schools is delighted to share details on our Digital Transformation Journey and to announce the launch in September 2024 of digital devices for pupils in Years 4 to 6 for the Prep School, and Years 7 to 13 for the Senior Girls’ School and Senior Boys’ School.

The St James Digital Transformation Journey extends our ability to open our hearts and minds to the world around us and provides an exciting opportunity to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for our pupils.

The integration of technology into the learning environment will empower our pupils to develop essential and transferable 21st-century skills, fostering creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.

We have begun by upgrading our systems and structures to ensure they can support next generation technology and in tandem have undertaken a detailed market analysis to ensure we select the device best able to fulfil our educational aims across the three St James Schools.

We have selected an iPad with keyboard and pen for both pupils and staff, underpinned by Microsoft 365, which is already familiar to the community. These devices will become part of the essential school supplies pupils from September 2024.

Our current parents will be able to learn more about the iPad devices and how they will be used in the classroom through a number of parent events in the Summer Term, where hands-on demonstrations will be available as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We will also offer sessions around internet safety and supporting your child with using their device at home.

Undertaking this journey in conjunction with all three St James Schools, we are really looking forward to the positive impact this Digital Transformation will have on the learning journey of every pupil.

Key components of the Digital Transformation Journey at St James Schools:


  • Teacher Empowerment: All teachers will receive an iPad and training at the start of the Summer Term, enabling the launch of our integrated programme from September.


  • Agile Learning: The iPad will serve as a versatile tool, allowing pupils to learn safely anywhere. We know that learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom, but also at home, and that parents play an important role in supporting children with their education. The Digital Transformation will bring more classroom resources into the home, providing a tool for parent and child to use together in support of their individual progress.


  • Collaborative Platforms: Pupils will have the opportunity to collaborate seamlessly with their peers and teachers on projects and assignments. The iPad will facilitate communication and teamwork, promoting a dynamic and engaging learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.


  • A Wealth of Content: The iPad will provide pupils with access to a wealth of educational software and multimedia content. This diverse range of resources will extend our access to the wider world, enhancing without replacing other teaching methods and resources.


  • Digital Citizenship: The Digital Transformation journey will include a comprehensive digital literacy programme, supported by safeguarding controls, to teach pupils responsible and ethical use of technology. This will empower them to navigate the digital world safely and make informed decisions online.


  • Parental Involvement: Parents will be an integral part of this journey, with regular updates and insights into the digital tools being utilised.

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