Development Office

Welcome to St James Development Office

Our role is to celebrate your connections to the school, whether you are an old boy or girl, a grandparent or a new mum or dad whose child has come to St James. To do this, we run events such as the Christmas Fair, Cake Sales, Alumni Drinks events and socials, the Art Sale and the Cricket, Rugby and Lacrosse games to name a few. You can register your interest in many of these events via our 7th form Facebook page.

Where can you find us?

The Development Office for St James Schools is based in Earsby Street but serves all three schools. This office and its functions seek to sustain a vibrant network of support, such as was established when the schools were set up in 1975.

The Development Office has two main functions: to help the alumni, parents, grandparents, governors, heads and school community enhance and expand the resources of the school and to be a central point to assist in any way possible the establishment of the St James education worldwide. We’re happy to field enquiries about the schools abroad and at home, as well as following up on your queries about uniform and cake sales.

For any enquiries, please email