St James schools were founded in 1975. Since then, over the last 40 years, St James schools have developed a distinctive philosophical approach to education, inspired by both the Platonic ideals of beauty and harmony, along with the eastern concepts of unity among the human family.

Self-discovery is an important aspect in the St James education. In addition to the spiritual and philosophical aspects of living, there is encouragement to develop emotional strength, intellectual clarity and creative fluidity. The aim is to develop reason and reflective intelligence, and to demonstrate these qualities through relationships based on love and certainty.

The schools care for pupils from all the major faiths, as well as for those with no particular faith. The approach is to emphasise the universality of the spirit, encouraging pupils to follow their family’s religious tradition, if they have one, or to pursue questions about their own true nature.

The founder, Leon MacLaren, is better known as the inspiration behind the School of Economic Science, a charitable trust teaching philosophy and economics and various related subjects. In addition to a number of remarkable initiatives in the fields of art, music, law and science, he founded a school for children. It was to provide a complete education for boys and girls from four and a half to eighteen, which would look after their spiritual, mental and physical development.

Each child is taught through a variety of means to respect, honour and care for every person and work in love and harmony with everyone. This philosophical approach is designed to enhance the capacity to meet today’s needs in a world which too often displays disharmony, misunderstanding and intolerance. For more detail, please visit each individual school’s area.