Junior Schools

Discover St James

Welcome to St James Junior School

St James children are vibrant and generous individuals, each with their own talents, inventiveness and interests.

They are given every opportunity to achieve highly, and are supported in all areas at school. We encourage them to explore their passions and take their own initiative to develop a curiosity and love for learning. St James provides a warm and fun environment which fosters confidence, independence and motivation.

Our underlying virtues of truthfulness, generosity, kindness and being your best provide a solid and calm base from which the children can draw resilience and self-reliance. They value the opportunity for risk taking and experimentation, with no fear of failure. School life is happy and exciting.

St James provides a full education, promoting a balance of academic excellence, sporting achievement and creativity. We all enjoy the stimulating atmosphere, and value every member of the St James community, staff, children and parents.

We’re always delighted to welcome visitors so do come and see us.  To book a tour, please contact our Registrar.