School Life

Pastoral Care

We place great importance on our pastoral care. We want every pupil to know that they are respected, supported and valued. The school actively promotes fundamental British values.

All staff are strongly supported in their pastoral role, time is given at staff meetings for pastoral matters. The Headmistress meets with the class teachers to discuss the progress of every child and is also readily available for consultation by staff and parents. Pupils may also have individual time with their class teacher or the Headmistress to speak about anything that is concerning them.

St James encourages the virtues of truthfulness, magnanimity, harmlessness and care. The staff lead by example showing a kind and courteous attitude, aware of the influence their behaviour can have on the children in their care. Sportsmanship, fair play and supporting one another are also a priority.

We actively offer opportunities for every child to succeed and we all celebrate and share their joy and delight when they do; this gives the children a wonderful sense of assurance and the ability to care for themselves and others. When our pupils move on to their Secondary School they do so with deep and lasting friendships, an appreciation of stillness and the confidence to meet challenges.