Photographic Image Use

Photographic Image Use

Please review our policy and complete the form to confirm your preferences.

St James Schools takes cyber security and data protection very seriously, and as an organisation have put steps in place to ensure secure and compliant systems.

As part of this obligation, we have decided to renew our photographic image and video opt in form. The school believes good communication is vital to any successful large organisation and we are committed to keeping parents, pupils, staff and governors up to date with School events and news. As part of this commitment, we regularly take photographs to illustrate, communicate and celebrate School and pupil success. These images may also be used for marketing and advertising to prospective families, and for display boards around the School site.

We also hope to be able to show parents and carers what is happening at the School from day to day and celebrate many of the School and pupil successes, and hope that parents and carers take time to enjoy these images or videos.

In 2018, UK Data Protection Legislation changed to include General Data Protection Regulation, which St James Schools School follows, as well as the guidance set by the Information Commissioner’s Office on photo consent within the organisation. We therefore require you to opt in to allowing your child(s) photo to be taken for the following purposes:

  • Photos and videos for St James Schools websites (
  • Photos and videos for our School social media channels.
  • Photos and videos for display boards, video screens and banners around the School site
  • Newsletters, school magazines and publications
  • Promotional materials including the Prospectus, display boards, banners, flyers, brochures, advertisements (print or video)
  • Information for the media such as press releases, or media requests to photograph or to film at the School
  • When posting images or videos we will only use a child’s first name. Surnames will only be used if given special permission. If necessary to use a surname, we will contact the parent or carer by telephone or email.

The data protection laws give children rights over their own data where they are considered to have the required capacity to understand their data rights. Most children will reach this level of understanding from the age of 12 and so it may be necessary for the School to obtain this consent from the child directly. If this is not suitable, the School will consider preferences set out below. Opt In preferences to using your child’s image will last throughout their time at the School and will continue to apply for a short time after they leave (except for images published for historical purposes which may be kept for an extended period of time to show the history of the School).

By choosing to opt into the purposes detailed above your child’s image may be used. If you do not agree to your child’s image being used, we will not use your child’s image for any purpose as detailed above. This does mean that your child will not appear in school marketing publications such as the Purna magazine.

As a parent and carer, you can withdraw your permission at any time. Withdrawal from opt in preferences must be given in writing to the Marketing Department at

Please note that publications printed before the date of change will remain unaltered.

Photo Usage

Advertising and Media

The School routinely advertises all entry points and open events; therefore, imagery of the School and School community is used. We regularly advertise in, but not exclusively to, local newspapers, national education magazines and school guides. We will, where possible, seek permission from parents for large scale advertising (anything larger than 1000mm x 1000mm), such as billboards, train stations, bus stops and vehicles. We will never use a pupil’s full name and photo together without prior parental consultation.

The School does not share photos or videos with photo agencies or international photo agencies. In the extraordinary event that the School is approached by a photo agency (such as Reuters or Getty) for a news item or special event, prior parental consultation will be sought and a full explanation of how this photo may be used at the time and in the future will be given to the parent.

School Productions

Periodically, school staged productions are filmed by either the School or outside companies. The School will always seek opt in for this prior to the event, to ensure that any families who have previously ‘opted out’ have an opportunity to still be involved.

Social Media

The School uses social media (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) to communicate news and events. There are strict internal rules and procedures in place and staff receive regular training and guidance to ensure that these rules are always adhered to. This is reviewed regularly by relevant staff. A child’s full name is never used on any social media channel.

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