A joyous production of this wonderful comedy was given to us by the girls of Yr 5. The girls approached the language of Shakespeare with relish, enjoying all the nuances of the script, speaking with clarity and expression. The play moved with pace and verve and each scene revealed its humour and character with joy and colour. The three sections of the cast: Theseus, Hippolyta and the lovers, the fairies and the mechanicals were all drawn with humour and delight.  We were treated to hilarious Mechanicals played as typical English yokels, with an excellent Bottom and Peter Quince and a delightfully humorous play of Pyramus and Thisby complete with Lion, Wall and Moonshine. The lovers were brilliantly acted, responding to the different herb juices that were placed in their eyes by Puck and Oberon changing their allegiances hastily with real fire. We had wonderful acting by the amorous Titania and dominating Oberon accompanied by the enchanting but edgy fairies and three lively Pucks. We had music and dance- music by Rosemary Broadbent  taken from the very first production of the play by St James, and even a western style ho-down hugely funny but well danced by the Mechanicals. We all left the Hall with joy and mirth in our hearts. ​