St James Prep defended its title at Anu’s Chess third Inter-School Chess Championship on 28 March 2019. Eight schools (split into nine teams) participated in the tournament, which was hosted by Queen’s Gate Junior School. The participating teams –  St James Prep, Bassett House School, Belleville Primary School, Marlborough School, Knightsbridge School, Southbank School (Kensington), St Nicholas School, and Queen’s Gate Junior School Team A and Team B – played five fifteen-minute rounds.

The tournament was a mixed-age-group event where some extremely vigorous matches were played between intent and focussed young chess players. Girls and boys aged six to ten battled each other on their chess boards in the spirit of the game. It was inspiring to see the ease with which all participants maintained the game’s discipline over the two-hour intense event, with no disputes.

St James won the winner’s trophy by collecting 56 points from a total of 60. This is our second victory in a row with two of children winning 5 out of 5 matches.

Well done all!