Our Great Young Minds series will showcase the children's passions, innovations and brilliant independent thinking. This week we would like to share Rashid's impassioned speech on the importance of protecting the planet. Well done Rashid!

Global warming – have you ever heard of it?

You should have – there is a crisis across the world and you and I are a part of this world!

There is a great momentum of change and activity happening now, finally …not tomorrow, not yesterday, NOW!

We all have a responsibility and we also hold the power to make a difference.

If we all stay conscious and aware of what we are doing to add to the credits and take away from the debits of how we are harming our beautiful planet, I am sure individually and – even stronger as a group - we can stop the damage that has already been done to the Earth ….and possibly make it better  - I know I am willing to take that chance!  Are you?

Here is an interesting fact:

The Amazon Rainforest – known as ‘the lungs of the Earth’ has been burning for weeks. Most people don’t understand the damage this has on the planet. 

Did you know the Amazon Rainforest produces over 25% of the worlds’ oxygen?

I would like you to think about that…

What do you think produces the rest of the majority of our oxygen?? Oxygen tanks??

No, it is Algae. And where do you think the algae comes from?

That’s right – our oceans!

And where do you think we humans have been dumping our plastic and waste?

Right again – Our Oceans – the place where our oxygen actually comes from, the place that God and mother nature have trusted us to respect and take care of.

Do you think it’s important that we have clean air to breathe? It is the most important to me to save our beautiful oceans and beautiful planet and ourselves!

Our school has invested in many initiatives to help save our planet – For example:

walk to school day, the bottle cap drive, planting trees in Marcus Garvey Park but we can continue to do better!

Maybe if we all come up with some great new ideas to save our planet and keep our oxygen clean – Mrs Thomlinson will reward us and the teachers! Maybe?!

By Rashid