Where are you now and how is your life different?

I am currently beside the sea in Sussex. My horse - Charlie - is kept at the farm opposite, so I get to see him a lot at the moment, which has been lovely. I have also been helping a lot with lambing this year, with 56 gorgeous lambs so far. One special ram was born without wool (an extremely rare occurrence), so we have named Pinky. An old jumper sleeve is being used to keep him warm!

What does your day look like?

I do some exercise in my garden before school starts - I am trying to reach one hundred skips at the moment. After that, I spend most of the day teaching Y5 or on the phone to Mr Edwards planning lessons. When the school day is done, I head over the road for a horse ride and to help put all the animals to bed.

What do you like most about your new classroom?

I love the fact that I am still able to see all the children’s faces every day.

What do you miss most about your old classroom?

Seeing the children in person and being able to spend more time together - I really miss lunchtime chats. Oh, and my whiteboard of course!