Where are you now?
I am staying in London with my husband and have been going into school three days a week to look after the key worker's children alongside Mrs Fischel and Miss Prashar.

What does a typical day look like?
During the first week of lockdown I started reading a story a day for my friend's children to cheer them up and also to give them a few minutes of respite. So I usually get up very early to film my story, have breakfast and then hop into my car and drive to school. In the mornings I supervise and assist the key worker's children with their online maths and English lessons. In between lessons I take them out to play in the playground and sometimes we have fun exploring the empty school building! After lunch Miss Prashar takes over from me while I teach my live art lessons on Zoom from the art room. Once we've dismissed the children I usually drive home via Richmond Park or Wimbledon Common and go for a trail run.

What do you miss most about your old routine?
I used to always go for a swim in the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park every morning before school which was always the perfect way to start the day. I was training to do the Freedom Swim which is a 7.5km cold water ocean swim from Robben Island to Big Bay in Cape Town. However my plan to go to South Africa to see my family and do the swim during the Easter holidays was cancelled due to Covid-19. My last swim in the Serpentine was on the 23rd of March (yes I am counting the days) and I am missing it so much!

What do you like most about your new classroom?
At the moment I am using the Y4 Girls classroom in the mornings whilst supervising the key worker's children. I have become very at home in Miss Quance-Woodland's beautifully organised room and I particularly like all her Winnie the Pooh figurines on her desk. They always cheer me up while I work on the computer! I also love the cosy reading corner.

What do you miss most about your old classroom?
I'm still teaching art online from my old classroom (the art room) but it isn't the same as having the children there with me. I miss setting up all the resources out on the tables for my art lessons, and watching the children experience the joy of creating and getting messy with materials such as clay, paints, chalk and oil pastels. I am enjoying seeing photos of all the beautiful artwork they upload onto Firefly for me but nothing beats seeing their creations in real life.