Where are you now?

I am delighted to back in the school with Y1. We have been very lucky to welcome back the majority of the class and I have loved seeing them in real life again! We have had quite a few changes in routine and have been in a few new places this week. The children have been incredibly positive and eager to implement the changes and I have to commend them for their maturity, adaptability and steadiness during this time.

We started the week in Mrs Water’s classroom and then moved to Miss Quance-Woodland’s classroom as it is a bigger space. We have been joking that they started the week in Mrs Water’s room so they were ‘Year 2’ and now that we are in Miss Quance-Woodland’s classroom, they must’ve impressed us so much as they are now in Year 4. The children have been rising to the occasion with impeccable behaviour and I am so proud of them all – they really are ready for Year 4!

What does your typical day look like?

We start the day with a quiet colouring, reading or finishing off work and have the chance to organise our trays. Then we have a video assembly on the screen or sing some songs. After that, we do some maths work. We have been looking at measuring this week. It has been a challenge to work practically whist social distancing, but we have made it work well by demonstrating metres by checking our distance from each other as well as using balancing scales at the front of the class whilst the children held their our own cubes to estimate the weight.

We have been having an early break with fruit outside in the sunshine then we come back in for our English work. After that, we have been having lunch in our rows in the lunchroom. We have been excited to go in to the lunchroom and see what is already plated up for us to enjoy. We then squeeze in time to do geometry, music or philosophy before we go out to play. The afternoons have been fun completing more practical lessons including science and design technology. We are trying to get outside as much as possible during these afternoon sessions.

We are also taking time within the school day to talk to the children and we are giving them time to play independently and with each other (whilst monitoring their distance). We are singing songs in class and having time to enjoy going outside in the lovely weather. All of this has meant that we are completing lessons at a more relaxed and calm pace, hoping to help the children feel settled and happy at school.

The children are remaining with me and Mrs Toole in our own Y1 ‘bubble’ throughout the day. It is quite cosy and relaxing being together for all sessions, including breaks and lunchtimes. The children are working at their own desks in the classroom which are spread 2 metres apart. They have everything that they need in their own tray at the tables and they are very much enjoying having their own space. They feel quite grown up when sitting at their desks during lessons when we would normally be sitting on the carpet. They are also having an art lesson with Mrs Holmes and PE lessons with Miss Robertson as well as live Zoom Sanskrit lessons. It has been really fun for them to see the children that are not with us on the big screen! We miss them very much.

What do you like most about your new classroom?

It has been a big change coming upstairs from our quiet corner classroom downstairs. I have really enjoyed being in the upstairs part of the school as we can see more of the other classes, although of course from a distance. I love Miss Quance-Woodland’s classroom as it has plenty of space for us to spread out but it also still feels cosy. It has a lovely view outside of the trees and we have enjoyed hearing birdsong through the windows whilst working. 

What do you miss most about your old classroom?

I have missed our lovely reading corner in our old classroom and having the opportunity to sit and quietly read together. I loved it when we read books whilst cuddling soft toys and relaxing on cushions, which would be difficult to do now with social distancing. Instead, we are finding new ways to enjoy stories by listening to ones read aloud in class as well as looking at some online. We have found some brilliant websites including ‘Oxford Owl’ and ‘Epic!’ which have some fantastic E books and audio books. We are still keeping the love of reading alive in Year 1, which makes me very happy.