We are delighted to re-open St James Prep to all students on Tuesday 8th September 2020, the first day of the Autumn Term.

As we welcome back all year groups, you will see that we will be operating slightly differently. But not so different as to lose the sense of joy in learning and teaching and the very special ethos of our school. In our approach, we have worked to find the balance between the safety of our community and what it is to be part of that community. In this, St James Prep is in a particularly strong position to adapt and learn from this unusual situation. 

As always, we have many exciting competitions, performances and events planned for the children this term which we will share with all our parents via our newsletter, website and social media channels. We are all so excited to be back at school and we are doing all we can to ensure that the school to which the pupils return is safe but is also familiar to them, and that those joining for the first time recognise the same friendly and vibrant atmosphere that they encountered when visiting.