Before joining St James Prep, I was a deputy head at an independent school in North London and before that, at a primary school in Covent Garden. 

I moved from Kent to London with my husband and son about 10 years ago and love living in the capital. We live in the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus which is a lot of fun. When life is a bit more normal, we enjoy going to the theatre and eating out together at the endless choice of restaurants nearby. As a family, we love to travel far and wide and experience different cultures and cuisines, and one of our favourite things to do is hop on the Eurostar to Paris on Friday evening for a weekend of cheese, snails and relaxation! We are also lucky to be near to some lovely parks where we can find peace and tranquillity. During lockdown, it felt as though we had Central London to ourselves and we had a lovely time exploring the unusually quiet streets by bike. 

What attracted you to St James?

From the moment I walked into the courtyard on my first visit to St James, I was struck by the calm, caring and focused atmosphere. I had heard that the school was special and unique, which intrigued me, and I was not disappointed. As I was shown around, as well as being impressed by the light, airy classrooms and great facilities such as the library, art room, cookery studio and assembly hall, I was met with friendliness and smiles at every turn. The children were clearly proud of their school and loved being there. 

What makes a St James education stand out?

I have never been to a school that places such value on stillness and the self, and the Pause gives everyone, staff and pupils alike, the chance for self awareness and reflection, which is so valuable in the busy school day. Learning Sanskrit is such a unique opportunity, not only to learn an ancient language but also to develop an understanding of culture and of how language works. Creativity thrives at St James and everywhere you look are examples of wonderful artwork produced by the children. I am looking forward to a time when the children are able to once again participate in sporting fixtures, concerts and celebrations again. 

What strikes you about St James pupils?

Welcoming and polite, St James Prep pupils are a credit to the school and to themselves. In the short time I have been at the school, I have been impressed by the positive and confident way in which the children approach their learning and express themselves, taking pride in all that they do. They are kind and caring towards one another and this really contributes to the sense of community within the school.