Before joining St James Prep, I led mathematics across two schools in Kilburn and Hackney. I love teaching mathematics and place a strong emphasis on the understanding of mathematical theory and not just the understanding of the processes.

I moved to England from Ireland 7 years ago. I love living in London and being able to sample cuisine from cultures across the world. I have been gardening throughout the summer and have amassed an extensive plant collection both indoors and outdoors. I am also a keen road and trail runner. I am most relaxed when outdoors and am often found reading a newspaper, attempting a cryptic crossword and enjoying a coffee on my balcony, regardless of the weather.

What attracted you to St James?

During my interview, I was impressed not only by their understanding of mathematics but also the children’s kindness and their warmth. I have not been disappointed since starting in September, the children at St James are exceptionally polite, generous and thoughtful. I was also attracted to the school’s unique philosophical outlook which aligned with my own pedagogical values. The chance to shape a curriculum and a child’s learning experience was invaluable to me.

What makes a St James education stand out?

The dedication of the staff to providing a wholesome and balanced learning experience is evident from the moment you enter St James. Children learn an abundance of skills across a wide range of subjects and topics, this prepares them for not only their future academic life but also for their future personal life. The education at St James ensures each child can explore their own independent skills and discover their passions.

What strikes you about St James pupils?

The children are exceptionally caring and inquisitive. Children have been curious about my accent and have demonstrated polite inquisitiveness into my background. This curiosity is nurtured by staff and families which means children are exceptionally passionate about their learning. Children want to deepen their subject knowledge and discover new things. 

 It is clear that the children at St James care deeply not only for their immediate friends but also the broader school community.