I grew up in South Wales and quickly found a passion and interest for all things sport and music!

Teaching became a passion of mine after my first summer working in Maine, USA as a summer camp counselor. I worked in the theatre, teaching piano as well as accompanying talent shows and musicals. The value of a well-rounded and enriching life outside of the classroom became apparent to me and after qualifying as a primary school teacher, I was keen to work in schools where that philosophy was at the forefront of its offering for its pupils and staff.

Teaching is a privilege. You feel energised and invigorated by the energy, progress, interests and above all, a child’s unique and hilarious sense of humour. I feel very fortunate to have been doing this job for 12 years (in London and Hong Kong) and like the children, never stop learning and reflecting.

I live in North London with my fiancée, Emma, who is also a primary school teacher. She is originally from Australia, and we are busy planning a wedding in Canberra in 2022, hoping that international travel has returned by then! We spend most of our weekends exploring hidden parts of London on long, meandering walks with hot drinks in hand. Being from Wales, I take a keen interest in the national rugby team and will be watching with bated breath on Saturday night – will it be a Grand Slam?

What attracted you to St James?

As soon as I set foot in the school, I got a real sense that St James is a special place to work. There is a warmth and sense of community unlike any other school I have worked in. The unique focus on being the ‘best self’ in all lessons with the emphasis on philosophical thought and debate make St James a vibrant and stimulating place to work.

What makes St James education stand out?

St James offers to its pupils a well-rounded and balanced education that is academically rigorous and challenging to all. It encourages its pupils to think and challenge their own ideas and those of their peers. But most of all, decency and kindness are two values that permeate everything.

What strikes you about St James pupils?

A St James pupil has a broad smile on their face and a sense of calm. An emphasis on quiet contemplation at busy moments teaches the pupils to refocus their mind and return themselves purely to the present.

They have an ability to think outside the box and give logical, reasoned and well-constructed answers to complex philosophical discussions.

Most of all though, they are happy.