I grew up in Sevenoaks, Kent and didn’t stray far from home when I went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design & Technology from the London College of Fashion. Prior to this I completed an Art Foundation year at the University for the Creative Arts. 

Whilst at The London College of Fashion I specialised in Menswear and since graduating have spent over five exciting years building a career as a Menswear Fashion Designer. I’ve designed for brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Hackett London and most recently Marks & Spencer and John Lewis. During this time, I had a fantastic month studying Italian at The British Institute of Florence, Italy. An essential language to know when working in fashion! 

However, having had time to reflect on my ambitions for the future during the pandemic, I decided that I wanted to develop in a meaningful and fulfilling profession. My prior experiences working with children have been greatly rewarding and I am eager to start a fresh career in Primary education.  I’ve always felt passionate about teaching due to my own positive experience of primary school.  It was nurturing, encouraged a love of learning and allowed me to explore my creative abilities. My new Teaching Assistant role at St James Prep gives me the opportunity to observe and contribute to the classroom environment and immerse myself in school life. 

I live in Barnes Village with my partner Tom. When I don’t have time to paint, draw or sew I love to cook and bake. It’s a creative process with an instant result, that for me offers a form of mindfulness.  

What attracted you to St James? 

As soon as I read the St James’s ethos, I knew this was where I had to start my teaching journey. The spiritual and caring community at St James is something close to home, having grown up in a household with an interest in Buddhist philosophy. Throughout my life I’ve been taken to many Buddhist teachings and at three days old I was taken to the teachings of the Dali Lama. Therefore, I understand the significance of ‘The Pause’ and what an important life skill the pupils are acquiring.  

What makes a St James education stand out? 

The school has a balanced approach to learning which creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. My first trip to forest school this week saw the children learning science through direct experience in a natural environment; combining physical play, initiative, and enjoyment – what a wonderful way to learn! 

What strikes you about St James pupils? 

After only 1 week at St James, the pupil’s kindness to each other and to the school community has really stood out to me. They support each other in all they do, with regular moments of self-reflection. It’s a joy to be surrounded by smiling faces and so much enthusiasm for life.