I’m originally from the south coast, specifically Southampton.  I went to Kingston university and studied Geographical Information Systems (GIS).  I spent a number of years within the GIS industry managing IT projects.  I entered the education world after completing a Primary PGCE.

However, I’m not all about the work!  I love to travel and have had the opportunity to travel through Europe and many countries around the world.  I’m a bit of a singer and enjoy being part of a choir.  Probably one of my best moments was singing at the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall.  I enjoy new opportunities and challenges.  Some of these have included taking part in the London to Brighton bike ride, tandem sky diving in New Zealand or being a Gamesmaker at the Olympics in 2012.

What attracted you to St James?

I don’t think there are many schools that teach Sanskrit and use the Pause, so that definitely caught my attention.   I was also attracted to the focus on academic progress, but not at the cost of the children’s wellbeing and health.

What makes a St James education stand out?

A curriculum taught by genuine, caring teachers who will go above and beyond for the children in their care, as well as children who are eager to learn. There is also a healthy balance between academics and the wellbeing of the children.

What strikes you about St James pupils?

I’m probably most struck by the genuine care the children have for one another. I love watching the young children get so excited about ‘Buddy time’ and the genuine joy from both the younger children and older children when they spend time together.  There is always lots of laughter!