I grew up in a small town within the leafy county of Hertfordshire. This is still partly home for me as my family all live there and I like to visit as much as possible.

Growing up, I was always enthusiastic and successful in all sports. My height always gave me a huge advantage and so I took part in every club available from hockey to athletics and cross country. I started playing basketball at secondary school where I was scouted to play at county level. I developed a huge passion and commitment for basketball and a few years later I was approached to play for a National league team. I dedicated a lot of time training and playing matches around Southeast England whilst also continuing my career as a teacher.

In addition, I excelled in art, gaining an A* at GCSE and A level. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a teacher and it showed from childhood when I started lining up my teddies and dolls! I completed a Bachelor of Education degree at King Alfred’s in the beautiful city of Winchester, Hampshire. I spent four years in teacher training whilst specialising in art.

Once graduated, I started teaching in Hertfordshire for several years and later moved to Dubai to embark on a life-changing adventure in the United Arab Emirates. I was offered an incredible opportunity to set up and lead the Early Years department within a large school from the GEMS group. After six years of embracing the culture, spirit, and heat of the Middle East, I returned to the United Kingdom excited to feel the cold and reunite with family!

I now live in Hampstead where you will often find me strolling through the Heath or jogging through Primrose Hill to appreciate the sights of London. I also love to swim, which developed in Dubai together with my enjoyment for paddle boarding and rooftop yoga.

What attracted you to St James?

Sanskrit at St James is incredible and embedded so well into the curriculum. The pause and mindful silence is such a good way to reflect, gives thanks, calm the children and prepare minds for learning. Mental health is so important, and I often try to take a quiet moment to pause using the calm app. The school is a hidden gem, and the lunches are the best I have ever seen!

What makes a St James education stand out?

The school provides an incredibly rich curriculum including forest school, cooking, swimming, drama and regular Sanskrit lessons. The cookery room is outstanding, and the art facilities are stunning. There is such a warm community of staff at St James including fantastic Father Rob. The teachers are very talented and the music department brings a new meaning to the word passionate!

What strikes you about St James pupils?

The pupils at St. James are hard working and committed students. They show interest in every subject and many are learning a variety of instruments even in Year 1. The Year 6 children are buddy partners to Year 1 and as perfect role models they are kind, caring, funny and sensitive.