I was in the first class at St James when it was founded in 1975. I performed in many brilliant plays throughout my time at St James and particularly loved watching the Senior School Shakespeare productions. They really inspired in me a love of English and I went on to graduate with a BA Honours degree in English and Classics from Royal Holloway and Bedford. I have always enjoyed the daily singing sessions at school and have great fun taking a community choir of swimmers who love singing that I set up at the swimming club in the Serpentine Lake where I race each Saturday morning. My three daughters all flourished at St James.

What attracted you to St James?

After graduating, I found myself at a St James open day and was spellbound by the beauty of the needlework so skilfully executed by the children. The attention to detail and creativity reminded me of the essence of what a St James education provides. 

What makes St James education stand out?

The pause offers a regular opportunity to connect for pupils, staff and even parents! The philosophy of unity encourages an inclusive approach to life and relationships. The care from the teachers is whole-hearted and the all-round education prepares pupils to confidently embrace life. 

What strikes you about St James pupils

Without exception the children look out for each other, support each other in the classroom as well as in the playground, and seem genuinely delighted at each other’s achievements. Creative as well as reflective, St James pupils are happy and spirited!