New Scholarships available at St James Preparatory School
October 4, 2023

New Scholarships available at St James Preparatory School

St James Preparatory School is offering three new scholarships for 2024-25!

Three scholarships in Creative Arts, Sports and Academics are available and will be awarded to pupils who show outstanding potential in their given area.

Available to external and internal applicants who are currently in Year 2 and moving into Year 3 in 2024-25, each scholarship will be covering 25% of fees from September 2024-25.

Candidates will be awarded one scholarship but can apply for up to two. The scholarship awarded will be following children for the remainder of their time at St James Preparatory School.

The deadline for applications is Monday 1st January 2024, and assessments will take place on Monday 15th January 2024.

Applicants for the Academic Scholarship will sit an assessment in English and Mathematics and be interviewed by the Headmistress or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

The Creative Arts scholarship is open to candidates who can demonstrate exceptional strengths in either Music, Performing Arts, or Visual Arts.

Candidates for the Sports scholarship should be actively involved in competitive sports at school and possibly club level.

The Pause

At St James, we feel it is important to introduce our pupils to stillness and allow them to discover how to be inwardly free and deeply at ease within themselves. A short period of 5-10 minutes at the beginning and middle of every day is allocated to quietude in which pupils may meditate, contemplate or simply be still – according to their own spiritual inclinations.

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