St James has an extremely comprehensive and rigorous internet safety curriculum. We understand that online safety at home can be an exceptionally difficult to navigate.

Please find below some important information that you may find supportive.

Online Games

Children should not be playing any games that are age inappropriate. Please check and adhere to the age rating guidance of games that your children are playing. There are further settings that can be adjusted on many games to ensure that children can not communicate with users that they do not know in real life. Children’s communications with friends should be monitored by a responsible adult.

If you are unfamiliar with the settings, appropriateness or age rating of commonly played games then please do use the website below that has extremely detailed guidance for parents on different games.

Gaming Advice Hub – Internet Matters

Social Media and Apps

Children in Preparatory school are not old enough to have access to any social media platforms. Please monitor your child’s activity when online to ensure that they are not accessing social media sites.

If you are unsure about any type of application then please check the application using the Common Sense Media website which provides guides for any application.

App Reviews, Kids Apps | Common Sense Media

Instant Messaging and Parental Controls

As children get older, they will wish to communicate increasingly online with their peers. However, group chats must be carefully monitored by parents. There are controls that parents can use to ensure settings on devices help to promote safer usage and communication.

The link below has guides available for setting up parental controls on many devices, broadband providers, applications, search engines and gaming consoles.

Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides | Internet Matters

We host regular online safety workshops which we actively encourage parents to attend.

If you have any further queries then please email Ms. Foster (Head of Maths and ICT) on