Nursery Going on a Bear Hunt!
June 3, 2024

Nursery Going on a Bear Hunt!

Earlier this year, Nursery went on their first school trip for a special day centered around the story “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”!

They travelled by coach to St James Senior Boys’ School and upon arrival had a wonderful reenactment of the story by teachers which children all got involved in.

After the little Drama session, the children made some Bear Hunt Crowns. They each got some bear ears and some stickers to decorate their crowns! The children used their special crowns to help find the bear on the bear hunt. They traveled the grounds, looking for the bear, but couldn’t find it!

Eventually, they found that the bear had been hiding in the picnic room the whole time! Children got to name the bear and even got to bring it back to Nursery. They all received their own copy of the story which was a gift from the Boys’ School.

Everyone enjoyed a picnic and a big run around on the sports fields before returning back to school – just in time for nap time!

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