Academic Mentoring Department

The philosophy and ethos of our Academic Mentoring Department is based on the understanding that each pupil is unique.

Developments in 21st century social science, psychology and neuroscience have led to and inspired new thinking in educational practice in relation to the ways in which children learn. We now have a far greater understanding of the human brain and the strengths of children who learn differently. It is the aim of the department to maximize the educational achievement and personal wellbeing of all pupils. We aim to work collaboratively with pupils, teachers and parents to develop and implement strategies that facilitate their learning through an understanding of neurodiversity.

The concept of neurodiversity recognizes the importance of an inclusive educational and pastoral culture which celebrates diversity.

A major development has been the introduction of our Academic Mentoring Scheme. The scheme operates in variety of time slots. It involves Sixth Form volunteers working to support and build on the abilities and interests of our Prep School pupils.