Early Years and KS1 music follows the pedagogical methods developed by Kodaly, Dalcroze, Orff and Vygotsky as well as the vocal curriculum developed by NYCOS, ensuring that by the start of Year 3 in KS2 all children know how to sing and use all the hand signs, know all the basic and complex rhythms and can read and sing music from the stave.

In KS2, pupils take part in courses by the Royal Opera of London to learn and sing opera which rewards them with official diplomas after the completion of Carmen and Hansel und Gretel programs. In KS2 children also learn to play the ukulele, to compose music from manuscript and to produce their own music through music technology.

Events, concerts and performances are a key part of our music curriculum. Besides annual events, children at St James have a vocal and instrumental performance once a month, with our monthly Throwdown Friday when all children are invited to come and share their music skills in front of their peers and teachers in a casual atmosphere. This gives pupils a safe space to perform and express themselves in their creativity.

We offer instrumental lessons during the school day from Reception, with a wide range of instruments such as violin, guitar, drums, woodwind and brass.