School life for Reception children at St James is a very happy and calm one. We realise that the transition to school from nursery can be very daunting and as such we approach the Early Years Curriculum with as much fun, wonder and exploration as possible. We want the children to learn without even realizing that they are learning.

Our Reception class is mixed and based in one large bright classroom with three separate areas: one for structured learning, one for messy play and one for creative play, enabling the children access to resources that will stimulate their development in all areas of the curriculum. Reception have exclusive use of the courtyard with a rich choice of equipment, located just outside their classrooms at playtime.

The children make excellent academic progress under the guidance of a Class Teacher and a Classroom Assistant who deliver most of the curriculum. We place great emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy to ensure children have a solid foundation on which to build their future learning.

Lessons are not just confined to the classroom. We regularly use our unique Forest School which we have developed in Marcus Garvey Park outside the school gates. Bringing the children outside to learn bring the topics to life. In addition to Forest School, the children participate in workshops and trips enjoying all that London and our local community has to offer.

Children fron Nursery to Year 6 are part of one of our three houses: Winchester, Salisbury or Canterbury. The House system provides an opportunity for the children to earn points for their team in everything from good behaviour or outstanding effort in work to beautiful singing or playing well at a netball match. At the end of each term, the winning house is served a House treat – it is a great bonding experience and strengthens the school community. 

By the end of Reception the children are motivated learners who have developed a self-awareness and consideration for others, as well as a curiosity and love for learning that will stand them in good stead for Year 1 and beyond.

Reception from St James Prep London on Vimeo.