GL Assessments

We use GL Assessment Progress Tests to provide detailed information on our students’ attainment in mathematics and English. Analysis of the data from these tests for the 2018– 2019 academic year shows a significant increase in the number of pupils who achieved ‘above average’ in both maths and English, when compared to 2017-2018. All our pupils’ abilities in both these disciplines remain well above the national average. We are very proud of our pupils’ academic achievements which reflect their hard work and the excellent teaching at St James Preparatory School.

Results from 2018-2019 tests demonstrate that 64% of our students are in the ‘above average’ category in English, and 62% are in the ‘above average’ category in mathematics. Nationally, only 23% of students fall into this category, so it is clearly evident that our academic standards are high.  ‘Above average’ is a standardised score of over 112 (see horizontal axis of graphs.)




2017-2018 Results