Minstead Study Centre

“Minstead Study Centre is a magical place – a place where you can discover all sorts about yourself and the plants, animals and people that you share the Planet Earth with.”

Children from St James were delighted to stay at Minstead Study Centre in the heart of the New Forest. The programme was packed with activities which encourage a deeper sense of love, care and respect for our planet.

Amongst other things the children enjoyed learning to look after sheep and making felt from their wool, keeping healthy hens and collecting freshly laid eggs, growing food and composting. They identified stars and built a campfire and toasted marshmallows, walked in the early morning dew, listened to birdsong, identified flowers and learned about solar power, recycling and biodiversity. The children returned bursting with enthusiasm and eager to share their experiences. It is hoped that our children will be involved with this programme for many years to come.