Leavers Destinations

Beyond St James Prep

We understand that choosing the right Secondary School for your child can seem like a minefield. We offer all parents support in identifying schools that will best suit their child’s interests and abilities. 

We prepare children thoroughly for the 11+ entrance exams and transition to Senior School with weekly verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning lessons. Our excellent academic provision is bolstered by increasing input from and smaller teaching groups with our Head of English and Head of Maths in Y5 & Y6. Although we are entirely committed to supporting the children in preparing for the 11+, this is not at the expense of a wide and varied curriculum which includes a range of stimulating trips, holidays and workshops, and an outstanding arts programme.

Pupils may transfer to our senior schools for an all-through education. Many of our parents greatly value this option.

Other school destinations include a range of day and boarding schools. Please see our 11+ offers (2019) here.

For more information about how we can support you and your child through the 11+ journey, please see our 11+ booklet.


Many senior schools offer scholarships at 11+. Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport are the most common. In some instances, scholarships are in name only but many offer a fee reduction. Our Heads of Art, Drama, Music and Sport can support these scholarship applications and can advise on portfolios of work and evidence of success.

Scholarships are highly contested and the pupil needs to show a genuine passion and dedication for the subject.