11+ Programme

Choosing the right Senior School

We offer all parents support in identifying schools that will best suit their child’s interests and abilities. Our aim is to give our parents choice. We suggest that parents have selected three to five Senior schools by the first part of the Autumn Term in Year 5. For most parents one of these schools will be St James Senior Girls’ or Boys’ School. We use a range of data to support parents in choosing the right range of schools.

Our pupils are prepared for 11+ entrance exams and interviews. We use the Atom Learning platform, and mock interviews with The Head, to support our pupils to be ready to succeed in securing a place at a Senior School where they will flourish. We follow a clear timeline to support parents and pupils, as follows:

Year 4 –  Look at Senior School Websites

Summer Term – First meeting with Head and parents to discuss school choices

Year 5 – Putting your list together and registering

Spring Term – Second meeting with Head and parents
Spring Term – Atom Learning within school
Summer Term – Future Schools and Heads’ Events
Summer Term – Third meeting with Head and parents

Year 6 – Deciding on a shortlist and committing to the application process

Autumn Term – More Atom Learning
Autumn Term – Interview practice
Autumn Term – Fourth meeting with Head and parents
Autumn Term – References written
Year 6/7 Autumn Term –  ISEB Pre-Tests (for 13+)
January – Entrance Exams / Consortium
January/February – Interviews
March – Offers