School Podcast


Episode 1: We have a lively discussion with children from Y3, Y4 and Y6 on Strength (just a note that Stephen Hawking suffered from Motor Neurone Disease or ALS, not Parkinson’s Disease); Y6 Girls tell us about their road to victory (again) at the ISA Athletics Regional Championships in Bedford; and Malaika (Y5) and Charlie (Y3) have the courage to read out their outstanding creative writing and report on a school trip. The singing is from the Y1&Y2 summer concert and the music performances were recorded at one of our music assemblies, with Helena (Y2 ) on piano and Sophia (Y4) on the violin.

Episode 2: Y4 boys tell us all about atoms following their recent STEM workshop with professors from Imperial College, the Lower Juniors chat about the Sudoku Championship with Mrs Munro – tune in if you want some handy tips on how to tackle a Sudoku – and finally, we look back at our Shakespeare Festival with Miss Whitfield and boys from Y6 and girls from Y4. The music throughout is performed by out talented pupils.

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