The Pause

We pause at the beginning and end of every lesson and periods such as Assembly and Lunch. The Pause is a short period of quiet reflection and stillness. It is a connection with something peaceful and unchanging in today’s busy world, reminding us of the stillness which is beyond the activity, noise and stresses of the day. We also practise a longer version of The Pause, The Long Pause, during the weekly Philosophy lesson.

Pausing at the beginning and end of every lesson allows the children to refocus and prepare for what is to come. For some it is also a chance to start again, particularly if the previous lesson has presented challenges. It brings everyone back to a stillness and allows the children a moment of calm before moving on.

There is tremendous power in being unified as a class and school. It allows everyone an opportunity to unite in silence and stillness. The Pause is something very unique to St James, and the staff and children all value it greatly.

“It brings stillness, steadiness and connection to something deep within us. Otherwise, what do we resort to in times of stress and agitation?” St James Teacher on why we pause.

The Pause from St James Prep London on Vimeo.