What People Say

Our Parents

We often receive encouraging comments from parents and pupils on their thoughts on life at St James. Below are a few that we have received:

We wanted to thank you for encouraging and enabling our daughter to do the assembly this morning. It means so much to us (and to her) that you take her ideas and passions seriously and support her. It also shows other children that they could do the same. This is so valuable and we feel very lucky.

St James offers a wonderful environment where our children thrive academically, socially and spiritually; we are delighted.

We have been extremely impressed with the standard of schooling that our daughter is receiving.

The children look happy and supported, the level of education is very high.

I think the ethos of the school is excellent and it is a wonderfully nourishing environment to develop in.

The most dedicated, caring and ‘real teaching’ a parent could dream of.

My child is so so so happy at St James and so very proud to call herself a St James girl.

A happy and joyful school.

The education you provide combined with very important values like honesty, kindness, friendship etc. is just unique. 

Many thanks to all who were involved in the Universe theme. If Theo is anything to go by, it was a huge success. He is full of extraordinary facts, figures and questions (lots of googling), and a new ambition to study Physics. We’re amazed by how much he has learned in a short time and how excited he is by it all. As an educator, I know it can’t have been easy to present such a complex topic in an accessible, memorable and meaningful way to this age group, but I think St James has done it.

As a mother who has raised her child with sporadic family support from abroad and without a present father for the child, I cannot thank you enough for the unfailingly thoughtful, gentle, meaningful support you and your staff have provided throughout my daughter’s time at St James. She would not be as grounded within herself and her self worth as she is today if it weren’t for you.

An extraordinary, safe, caring and fertile breeding ground for bright young spirits!