ISI Report


In October 2019, St James Prep was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). This was a focused compliance inspection with an inspection of educational quality. It was a rigorous process with pupil and staff interviews, questionnaires, lesson observations and scrutiny of our documentation and practices.

We are delighted that the school has been judged ‘Excellent’ in all areas – the highest descriptor a school can be awarded by the ISI. This is a strong testament to the hard work and enthusiasm of all the staff and children, and the whole school community.  The school has taken great strides forward in achieving academic excellence while ensuring that our ethos of wellbeing remains firmly at the heart of the school.  

We are delighted that the children are the focus of the current inspection criteria – which is just as it should be!

The school’s aims of valuing the virtues of truthfulness, generosity, kindness and being your best were recognised as prevalent throughout the school, as were the children’s extremely positive attitude and love of learning. 

‘All pupils have extremely positive attitudes to learning which are instilled through high expectations and a supportive environment that recognises and celebrates effort as well as success.’

Pupils display a ‘can do’ attitude in all aspects of their school life, believing they can achieve.’

‘The pupils are inquisitive, willing to challenge themselves and not afraid to make mistakes.’

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