Thoughts after earning the Compostela on the Camino de Santiago
May 10, 2024

Thoughts after earning the Compostela on the Camino de Santiago

Before the break the Year 9 Camino trip presented our pupils with a series of challenges as they embarked on a school trip, each carrying their own set of concerns about the journey ahead. From worries about travel logistics to uncertainties about enjoyment, these thoughts were not exclusive to our pupils – I too shared in these apprehensions.

However, as the week progressed and your sons overcame their initial worries to collect their certificates at the end, there was a sense of accomplishment among us all.

The journey commenced with two demanding days which served as a wake-up call for both our minds and our feet. Yet, as we adapted to the routines of a pilgrim, the subsequent days seemed more manageable.

Evenings were often spent with many students joining me for stretching and yoga sessions before we gathered for dinner. This time together fostered a sense of unity and provided a platform for meaningful conversations, allowing the boys to forge deeper connections through discussing meaningful topics or simply enjoying the sun.

Reflecting on the trip, I sincerely hope that our pupils found joy and fulfilment in their experiences. Personally, I found the journey to be one of significant personal growth, and it was heartening to witness the same growth in our students. Leading such a remarkable group of pupils on this journey was truly an honour, and achieving our collective goals together was rewarding.

Miss Howard-Andrews