Year 7’s Journey: From Fresh Faces to Reflective Young Men
July 5, 2024

Year 7’s Journey: From Fresh Faces to Reflective Young Men

It’s hard to believe that Year 7 have completed their first year!

It seems only yesterday that they skipped through the school doors last September fresh faced and full of fun. There first session back then in September was to design their own code of conduct.  Crazy ideas completed with sound wisdom; a rule that forbidded the supporting of Tottenham Hotspur alienated a few Spurs supporters and ‘No Homework’ was never a goer! Eventually they settled on some sound guides for life together as community started to form.

On this final Wednesday of term Mrs Brazier asked them to reflect on these rules and answer three key questions: what are you most proud of? What went wrong? What did you learn about yourself? These are not entirely easy for a twelve year old? The shared answers amused and delighted in equal measure. In response to question 1 there was mischief to be proud of from appearing on the West End Stage, to winning a rugby Cup and finishing top in a Test. In answer to the second the pupils honesty was disarming and their reactions visceral. I was most interested in the responses to question three and in spoke about the challenges of my year and my cancer operation. Boys of this age respond well to honesty and authenticity.

Finally, each group a decided on one rule each and these proved sound and inclusive. They will dine out on these Next Year and Mr Atkinson-Young already has the flip charts in his pigeon hole.

It proved to be a very ‘St James session’ and I was left with the sense how far these young men had come in a year, no longer little boys. These self reflective skills take time and this was just the start of their inside-out education. The Year 7’s are a quirky and imaginative year group and I am sure they will go onto great things. I will miss them.

Mr Brazier