Aims & Ethos

Our aim to offer a fully holistic education to each boy, allowing him to achieve more than he thinks is possible whilst simultaneously evolving his character, is the outstanding achievement of a St James Senior Boys’ School education.

At the heart of our ethos is the principle that all boys, regardless of ability, should be taught the finest material. This ensures every teacher introduces their students to the ‘magic’ of their subject. Boys are inspired by what they learn and this, in turn, helps them to become more independent learners – researching and investigating their own passions and interests. By inspiring our students they develop, through the knowledge they encounter, into fine young men.

Our academic and extra-curricular provision is designed to allow the steady growth of a boy towards manhood so he can develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The quality of our leavers and the way in which they are sought after by leading universities is evidence of the success of this approach. Our continuing high levels of academic success, as measured by GCE and GCSE examinations, from our mixed ability intake, is further evidence that we achieve this aim.

Overall, at every level, St James fosters a love of learning.