Lower School

The curriculum for Years 7 & 8 is broad and intriguing for your son’s young mind, offering both the acquisition of sound knowledge and the refinement of necessary skills. Care in presentation and handwriting, the development of personal learning disciplines, and mental organisation, give your son a significant advantage when it comes to coping with more challenging study later.

At this formative stage, your son will meet the glorious nature of all the Sciences and the brilliance of number through Mathematics. English language and literature provide an opening into the emotional realm and History is taught by hearing about the exploits of great men and women, as well as by visiting numerous sites of national heritage and splendour. French is the modern language offered to all pupils.

The importance given to classical languages is a real strength of St James. Sanskrit, Greek and Latin, taught by a dynamic department of enthusiastic scholars, have been recognised by philosophers and prominent thinkers throughout the ages as a way of imbuing scope and clarity to a man’s heart and mind.

St James is a leader in teaching Sanskrit to school-age children. This beautiful classical language with its clear grammatical structures will not only allow your son to understand modern languages better; Sanskrit literature also includes some of the finest poetry, story-telling and philosophy in the world.

Design Technology, Music, Singing, Drama and Physical Education (three sessions per week) complete the Lower School Curriculum.