Business Studies

BTEC Business is an A Level course designed to provide specialist work-related knowledge and skills.


The content is divided into themed units related to developing business skills, such as Resource Management, Marketing and Consumer Law.  Students are required to create business documentation resolving issues set around each theme, like evaluating financial information or creating a marketing campaign.


BTEC Business is comprised of 55% internal assessment and 45% external assessment in examinations and controlled assessment. BTEC is assessed on three levels of completion: pass, merit and distinction.  These three levels broadly correlate to the cognitive skills of description, analysis and evaluation.  The three levels also determine the grade achieved, with a distinction having the UCAS equivalence of an A grade at A Level, a merit having the UCAS equivalence of a C grade at A Level and a pass having the equivalence of an E grade at A Level.  At St James we offer the BTEC Level 3 National Certificate, Extended Certificate and Diploma.