Art of Science

Art of Science is a marriage of art and science developed and provided through the combined efforts of the Learning Support, Science and Art Departments. A small number of pupils from Years 7 and 8 are given the unique opportunity to work on the Key Stage Three Biology and Chemistry Curriculum through the visual language of art and craft. In addition to creating paintings and drawings, the boys make models out of clay, plaster and foam board. These include Cell Structures, Respiration and Solids, Liquids and Gases. It is proven that the work helps to raise pupils’ attainment by providing the stimulus and knowledge to enhance boys’ learning. It has been recognised by the Northern Arts and Science Association and the Wellcome Institute of Scientific Research as an important and progressive form of teaching Science through visual learning. Pupils have been invited to the National Physics Laboratory in Teddington and the Wellcome Institute in London to share their ideas.

The Good Schools Guide inspector was very impressed with the delivery of this and how the course had been embedded into the school curriculum, describing it as ‘interesting’ and ‘innovative’.