Personal, Social and Health Education

The aims of Personal, Social and Health Education are to prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.


  • promotes equal opportunity
  • promotes self-esteem
  • promotes emotional well-being
  • helps boys to form and maintain effective relationships
  • equips boys to make informed choices
  • helps them become responsible citizens
  • develops spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness
  • develops the power to choose between right and wrong
  • enables them to contribute to a just society.

PSHE is at the very heart of the St James ethos. It is more a way of living rather than a set of actions that we do at specific times. The school offers a broad range of PSHE. The time provided for this is at least 3 hours per week, including Assemblies and the weekly Philosophy lesson. Programmes, such as for Sex and Relationships education and Drugs and Alcohol education, are run once a year and are designed to cater for the needs of pupils at specific ages. Underlying all aspects of PSHE is the pastoral care, largely provided by the Form Masters. They have a duty of care for each of their pupils and regularly report on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each pupil’s development.