School Lectures

Each year the boys enjoy lectures and talks from some of the most interesting people in their field.

We aim to source fantastic speakers to inspire the boys as they become young men.

The Senior School in particular are treated to several lectures per year, when we work with the Girls’ School to find the most inspirational people we can.

Notable speakers have included:

Corporal Johnson Beharry – Victoria Cross winning Corporal Beharry spoke to the boys about his early childhood on the island of Grenada, his move to London as a teenager and his subsequent enrolment in the army. He shared the story of how he twice saved the lives of others in his Battalion – actions which led to him being awarded the Victoria Cross. Corporal Beharry is inspiring for several reasons, but mostly for his humble, down to earth manner.

Steve Cummingham – A blind man, Steve lost his sight at the young age of 12. Steve, from Blindvision, was determined not to let this defeat him and motivated himself to think positively about life and what he could do to make a difference. He spoke to our Year 7s and 8s about motivation and goal setting, encouraging them to do all they can to achieve their dreams. He shared stories of what he has achieved: representing the blind England football team in both the European Championships and the World Cup, becoming the official fastest blind man on the planet by taking his Dodge Viper to 176mph, controlling a V24 BAT powerboat to a new world offshore record of 74.4 mph and becoming the first blind person to pilot a light aircraft around the UK.