Entry to St James

Welcome to St James Senior Boys’ Admissions. On the following pages you can find all the information about entry to our school.

Boys are invited to apply to St James for entry into Year 7 at 11+ or Year 9 at 13+, places are also available for entry into the Sixth Form. Candidates can apply for places in Year 9 in Years 7 and 8, with 12+ and 13+ pre-tests being offered.

In Year 7 we have 60 places available across three forms. We add an additional class of 20 in Year 9. The Year 9 classes are re-arranged into four new forms.

Pre-testing for Year 7 is also available for boys in Year 5 to apply a year early via the 10+ pre-test.

To make an application please send the completed registration form to the admissions office prior to the deadline at the end of November.

Entrance examinations will be held in early January, with tests in English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. The exam papers are standardised tests from GL Assessment. All candidates and their parents will be invited for an interview with a senior member of staff. Places will be offered following the interviews in early February.

St James Prep School

Boys can choose a St James education in younger years by joining our Prep School. Located in Kensington Olympia, our Prep School is coeducational for children aged 2-11. A number of boys join the Prep in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 so that they continue seamlessly through to the Senior Boys School at Year 7. For more information please click here

Whilst we are an academically selective school offering an academic programme, we do look for ability and talent in all areas. We are looking for character, boys with a wide range of interests in the arts, sport, drama, music or public speaking. We also look for boys who show commitment to the distinctive values of St James and will respond to the school’s care, opportunities and ethos and in return, make a valuable contribution with their talents, enthusiasm and commitment.

Sibling Policy

Priority entry is given to any candidate who has a family member within the St James family, either a brother, sister or alumnae.

In-Year Entries

We may have available places in Years 7, 8 and 9 for in-year entries. We do not take accept applications for Year 10 except in very exceptionable circumstances. Places in Year 11 are not available to new students. Please contact the Admissions Office to check availability.

To contact the Admissions Office please call 01784 266933, or email admissions@stjamesboys.co.uk.

Sarah Harris