Year 7

Boys applying to enter Year 7 will sit 11+ exams in January. Due to the restrictions placed on the school due to COVID in 2021 we are hoping to be able to host the examinations in school in smaller socially distanced groups. In the event that we are unable to host the physical exams, online alternatives will be made available for candidates to complete at home or school.

There are two exams: Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning, GL Assessment standard papers are used for both tests.

Mathematics (1 Hour)

The Maths paper consists of standard maths problems familiar to the pupils. The 11+ paper assumes a knowledge of times-tables, four orders of calculation (adding, subtraction, multiplication and division), factors, multiples and primes, simple fractions, basic decimals, percentages, metric system, perimeter, area and volume, 12 and 24 hour clock, graphs, symmetry, number patterns, angles and two-dimensional regular shapes, coordinates and some simple problems.

Verbal Reasoning (15 minutes practice, 45 minutes test – 1 hour)

The Verbal Reasoning assessment measures a pupil’s verbal skills and is produced by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). In effect, it demonstrates the pupil’s ability to employ logic and reason in the English language. Students are given a practice paper first, during which they can ask questions and seek assistance with the answers. Following this, they complete the test paper.A raw score is given, which is standardized according to a national scale relating to age. They are normally distributed with a mean of 100; so the national average Verbal Reasoning Quotient (VRQ) is 100.

Where a student has specific needs, for example the use of a laptop or extra time, this can be catered for providing supporting documentation is provided to us.