The school administers a Bursary fund which is designed to assist children who otherwise would be unable to attend the school. Bursaries are awarded to both existing and new pupils, provided financial need can be demonstrated.

Application should be made to the Bursar for awards in respect of the next academic year. Application for new pupils will only be accepted from those who are registered for admission. The registration deadline is Friday 9 November. It should be understood that documentation, with full declaration of financial circumstances, together with original verification papers, will need to be submitted with the application. For further information, please read our Bursary Application Process. If you have any queries with regards to the bursary process, please contact the Bursar’s Office.

To begin the application process, new parents should tick the ‘bursary request’ box on the registration form. Parents with students currently at St James should apply by sending an email to bursary-applications@stjamesschools.co.uk.

Please note the deadline to apply for a bursary for students wishing to enter in September 2019 is Friday 30 November 2018.