St James Senior Boys’ School’s largest cohort of Year 11 pupils, some 73 young men, have recorded a very pleasing set of results in the new style GCSE’s which reflect a greater level of difficulty and more demanding content than in previous years.

With a 9-4 pass rate of 89% (old style grades of A*-C) and top grade of 9 recorded seventeen times the school was delighted with these results.

Congratulations particularly to William Bradford-Larcombe 4-9’s, 3-8’s and 3-7’s; Nathan Crane 2-9’s, 3-8’s, 3-7’s and 1-6; Akash Kawa 2-9’s, 4-8’s, 1-7 and 1-6; Hamish Forsyth 2-9’s, 1-8, 3-7’s; and 1-6; Joshua Peachey 1-9, 5-8’s, 1-7’s and 2-6’s; Carragher Weyland-Oliver 1-9, 2-8’s; 4-7’s and 1-6; Jagroshan Bal 4-8’s and 5-7’s; Tom Fowkes 3-8’s and 6-7’s and finally, Muhib Ali with 3-8’s, 3-7’s and 2-6’s.

"Grade inflation of a few years ago no longer applies, Mr Gove reset the exam system when he was Minister for Education, and these new assessments are akin in difficulty to the O Levels I took in 1981. They stretch the whole ability range in a non-selective school like St James. We are a school that prides itself on holistic education and this is reflected in both these results and our pupils well being," said Headmaster, David Brazier.