I am convinced about two fundamental truths about human beings.

The first truth is that we all have within us a centered place of wisdom, harmony and strength. This is a truth that all the world’s religions — whether Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism — and many of its philosophies, hold true in one form or another.

The second truth is that we’re all going to veer away from that place again and again and again. That’s the nature of life. In fact, we may be off-course more often than we are on-course.  When we’re in that centered place of wisdom, harmony and strength, life is transformed from struggle to grace and we are suddenly filled with trust — no matter the obstacles, challenges and disappointments. Then there is a purpose to our lives, even if it is sometimes hidden from us. Even if the biggest turning points and heartbreaks only make sense when we look back, not as we are experiencing them, they can be seen to be part of the journey.

So we might as well live life as if, as the poet Rumi put it, “Everything is rigged in our favour.”