Welcome to 2020

Last term ended on a high note with a fantastic final assembly where excellence was celebrated across the curriculum. It really was fabulous and the energy was wonderful.

I said at the start of the academic year we would be concentrating on pupil behaviour and we have followed through with this promise. This will continue this term, only well behaved pupils who value others are welcome at St James.

A school should be a special, magical, place and the teachers should love the pupils in their care, without this love a school just becomes a human sausage machine that put children in at one end and then churns them out some years later at the other end. But a school is not a factory and children are not just a product to be packaged, labelled and consumed by a consumer society.

This love I talk about is a much misunderstood force, to me it is a special quality of attention that does not judge or divide, it is an enabling force that allows magic to take place, it is the natural in- between that unites and sustains us. It exists eternally but must be actualised in our hearts and minds moment by moment. It is love in our hearts that powers our whole being. This is a subtle point, as we identify with the mind and the intellect, but the wise know that without the love in the heart powering the being the mind becomes dull and the intellect ineffectual.

This first half of term I am not so readily available for parental meetings as I am interviewing scores of potential new pupils, however my Deputy, Director of Studies and Assistant Heads are contactable and there to help.

Happy New Year