Social Media in Schools

A very interesting article appeared in The Times on Monday 13th January, entitled, ‘Head tells parents to quit WhatsApp groups so pupils learn from errors’.

The Head in question is Jane Lunnon, Head of Wimbledon High School who said that these groups should not be used once a child starts secondary school. Mrs Lunnon says that, ‘Class Whatsapp groups are rapidly becoming the bane of teachers' lives, with parents sucked into, and often fuelling playground disputes and gripes about the school.’

With a national shortage of teachers, we certainly would not wish to encourage more pressure on teachers and provide even greater encouragement not to join this noble profession. Social media, like most things, is a stick-with-two-ends and can be a good thing, but it also encourages emotional reaction that is knee-jerk, not based on real evidence and lacking in discretion.

Whenever I meet other Head Teachers I am always full of praise for St James parents who are so supportive of the school and who help me solve problems rather than painting social media with emotional over-reactions and half-truths.

I am keen that we all model good behaviour for our young people and show them all how to use social media and apps in a responsible manner.