It has been a curious week. The normal patterns of our lives have been disrupted and the increasing freedom we have enjoyed over the last fifty years has been suddenly curtailed. We are physically confined but with our loved ones. This situation will be more difficult for some than for others and I feel particularly for those among you, who have worked hard to build up your own businesses over the years, and are now being affected.

I could offer some deep thoughts on this situation but now is not the time. The ethos of St James would say to ‘stay in the moment’ and not allow thoughts to drift into fear. Worry and fear for what maybe helps no one. So just be present to ‘whatever is’.

You should have received our Phase 2 Virtual Schooling User Guide - please read it carefully. It reflects fully our usual ethos and all the things you value about St James in a virtual form.

I will be available and in school throughout the Easter period working on resources to deliver our Philosophy Curriculum online and also some additional online literacy materials to deliver basic skills. Your sons will not be short of work after Easter.

We must all work hard to sustain our community through these current challenges, so please send us any work to Mrs Harris and continue connecting. Also don't forget our regular updates on our Facebook page at  St James Senior Boys.

Finally, thank you for all your kindness and understanding.